Who We Are

BRIMCO Consulting LLC, is a business research and investment management consulting firm. We provide management, business risk analysis and technology consulting services to help individual investors and foreign businesses anticipate and address the most complex business challenges faced in Africa. We currently operate in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia and Liberia.


This is what we do

Our success and growth depends on the skills and knowledge of our associates. THEIR KNOWLEDGE & SKILL of the African business culture, which we put to the service of our clients to protect their investment and interests. WE CAN WORK YOU THROUGH THE WRIGGLES OF GETTING YOUR BUSINESS REGISTERED, MANGE YOUR PROJECT OR SECURE A CONTRACT
We believe a contract obligates all parties to follow its terms, but we also recognize that political considerations and lack of proper legal system in most African countries play a significant impediment to doing business in Africa. IF YOU HAVE US WORK ON YOUR BEHALF, BEING A U.S.-based consulting firm, you will be on safer legal grounds with much assuranceS. agreements would be honored and respected than dealing with a firm in Africa that may not have the same business ethics as we do.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to attract the right investors and represent their best interest, offering the best quality of our service, the trust and integrity we live by, to help them realize the best return on investment, making sure it is mutually beneficial for both the investor and the communities they invest in.

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Our Values and Corporate Governance

BRIMCO CONSULTING’s success is founded on our unwavering commitment
to personal and professional integrity and ethical standards, which are
important missing equations when doing business in Africa. Our senior
management team, Associates and our Board of Directors embrace these
principles. We have adopted strong corporate governance practices that reflect
this commitment and ensure that our company is managed with integrity and
with the objective of building value for our clients both in the short and the
long run.
In today’s volatile business environment, every company is exposed to complex
business risks from a wide array of areas to include internal and external
sources at various levels of the organization. In the case of Africa, paramount
amongst these risks is FRAUD. Many potential areas of investment in Africa are yet to be exploited with the greatest possible return on investment. But the biggest threat to these opportunities is Fraud which is endemic and
institutionalized in some areas and lacking the legal framework to protect your rights. Therefore securing the services of BRIMCO Consulting LLC with staff that have the right local experience to protect your interest, can be your best investment.
Recent studies found that many companies investing in Africa lose an
estimated 15 to 25% of their annual revenue as a result of fraud. This equates
to between $ 1.5 to 2.5 billion dollars in total revenue loss each year. The
larger cases of fraud tend to be committed by those in management and senior
management positions. BRIMCO CONSULTING provides the insulation you need
to protect your business from these risks


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