This is Exactly What We Do

BRIMCO Consulting LLC, is a business research and investment management consulting firm. We provide management, business risk analysis and technology consulting services to help individual investors and foreign businesses anticipate and address complex business challenges faced in Africa. Our head office is in Princeton, NJ USA, with operations in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.


WE CONDUCT Business Exploratory Trips (Our next Trip is to Guinea, Conakry December 2021)

WE HELP TO register and establish your Business in Sierra Leone & Guinea

WE MANAGE & Supervise Projects provide detailed reports to save you money

WE HELP to secure Contracts and Rights

WE PROVIDE Staffing, Administrative & Management Services

WE BUY & SELL properties through our Real Estate Department.

The main function of our Real Estate Division is to buyer and sell of properties.
We handle four types of estate business:
1. Residential Real Estate: This involves the construction, buying and resale of single family homes, high-value homes, duplexes and townhouse properties. We work with property developers and builders. We have an intimate knowledge of the Real estate business including current trends, home prices, neighborhoods, and available housing stock within Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.
2. Commercial Real Estate: The main role of the commercial sector is to connect buyers and sellers including hotels, offices, shopping centres, and apartment buildings.
3. Industrial Real Estate: Here we also help to connect buyers and sellers of warehouses, storage buildings, manufacturing buildings etc.
4. Land: This includes the purchase and sale of vacant and undeveloped land as well as farmland.

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