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BRIMCO’s principal residence is in sub-Saharan Africa and North America with specific presence in Princeton NJ, Guinea and Sierra Leone. We currently have associates in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

To speak with one of our associates please call Tel: +1332-333-8871/ +1908-759-4332

For all queries regarding client services please contact:  Info@brimcoconsulting.com

For questions on exploring a research partnership please contact our research department, please call or send an email to: info@Brimcoconsulting.com

BRIMCO AFRICA is constantly seeking to build its international network and local expertise. If you are interested in joining our team of experienced associates. Please click here to fill out an initial associate membership form.

  • 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540
  • www.brimcoconsulting.com
  • Info@brimcoconsulting.com
  • +1332-333-8871/ +1908-759-4332

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+1332-333-8871/ +1908-759-4332